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Women Who Changed the Disney Parks Forever: Mary Blair

Never am I more thrilled to dive into a new research project than when it intersects with my interest in women’s history. While my two great loves — baseball and Disney animation/theme parks — have shaped the past near-decade of my writing, both industries revolve almost entirely around the stories, inventions, and triumphs of men.

In honor of Women’s History Month, I wanted to highlight a few of the pieces I’ve written about some truly great women in Disney’s past — beginning with the transformational work of concept artist and Imagineer extraordinaire, Mary Blair.

“Walt Disney’s park-bench daydream may have set the wheels in motion for Disneyland’s creation, but he needed a talented and diverse staff to make his dream a reality. The early days of the Disney Parks’ development are littered with a plethora of legendary talent, from Nine Old Men holdovers like Ward Kimball and Marc Davis to Claude Coats, Xavier “X” Atencio, Rolly Crump, Harriet Burns, Alice Davis, and so many, many more.

Here, we’re going to take a look back at some of the women who furthered Walt’s ideas at the Disney Parks—women without whom the parks would be far less rich, colorful, and inspiring than they are today. First up: Iconic artist-turned-Imagineer Mary Blair.”

Find the rest of the article here at Theme Park Tourist.

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